Victorious Churchill!

  • First women Fellow elected: Daphne Osborne
  • First Churchill Association alumni dinner in College
  • Southern African Bursary established to fund black African students
  • John Piper’s glass unveiled in the chapel
  • Churchill students win TV’s University Challenge
  • 400 students petition for renewal of the chaplain, Noel Duckworth
  • Churchill students achieve High Court ruling that students nationwide can register to vote in their university constituencies
  • Prince of Wales attends a meeting of the Socratic Society
  • First alumni elected MPs: Gavin Strang (G64), John Wilkinson (U62)


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  • Bob Phillips says:

    The money prize for winning University Challenge was £600, awarded to the JCR. The JCR voted to donate it to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation – those were revolutionary times, even in Cambridge. I was then the Secretary of the JCR; David Marsh was Chair.