Room for everyone

  • Sir William Hawthorne becomes the second Master
  • West (Wolfson) Court completed, intended final residential court
  • All undergraduates can now be housed on site
  • Central buildings achieve a RIBA award
  • Barbara Hepworth’s ‘Four Square Walk Through’ installed
  • Henry Moore’s ‘Reclining Figure’ removed by Moore Foundation
  • Catholic Cardinal Heenan preaches at the chapel
  • College Boathouse opened (shared with King’s, Selwyn, Leys School)
  • The JCR acquires a colour television


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  • David Heath says:

    In 1968, I started my first year in architecture. Almost our first studio project was when we were given two large sheets of cardboard, and told to make a ‘furniture thing’. The brief wasn’t much more specific than that, but I do recall it had to be sufficiently robust to take our weight. Perhaps I overdid the idea of robustness with my piece. It was terribly uncomfortable, but you could throw it down stairs without damage. I rather immodestly took a photo of my cardboard creation temporarily placed next to the Henry Moore ‘Reclining Figure’, which was itself removed shortly thereafter. I do not know if the two events were connected.