Official opening

  • Central buildings are completed and Dining Hall opened
  • First dinner in the Dining Hall (26 March)
  • College opened by the duke of Edinburgh; Prime Minister present (5 June)
  • First cohort of undergraduates graduate
  • East Court completed
  • First May Ball
  • Churchill Association (for alumni) formed; membership 3 guineas p.a.
  • GODS, student dramatic society, formed
  • Black Monday mayhem leads to abolition of annual Winston birthday dinners
  • First Honorary Fellow elected: Sir Winston
  • First female Fellow Commoner appointed: Helen Clover (New Hall, History)
  • Second funding appeal sent to the original donors
  • The Founder gifts one of his paintings, Still Life with Flowers
  • Independent Chapel Trust founded, to build and run a chapel
  • C. P. Snow, Fellow, appointed deputy Minister of Technology in UK government

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  • Ian Stewart says:

    Jim Potter decided he wanted to learn to play bass guitar, so he found three others to form a rock group: Paul Barton, Colin Clemens, and me. The ‘Shades of Night’, as we called ourselves, played for two years. The highlights of our musical career were being support band for Long John Baldry and Screaming Lord Sutch.