Churchill has a long tradition of welcoming students from non-traditional Oxbridge schools and regions.

Our proportion of UK state-educated entrants stands at 75%, exceeding the University’s target of 66.1%. Contrary to other institutions, students from this group excel at Churchill – a College that has been placed 5th/29 across the last decade in the Tompkins Table. Our most disadvantaged students thrive here because of the individual support and targeted bursary funding they receive. These bursaries have only been made possible because of generous alumni support:

  • 104 undergraduate students currently receive a means-tested Cambridge Bursary.
  • 68% of these students qualify for the maximum £3,500 per year as their annual family income is below £25,000.
  • The College also awards these students a Winston Churchill Top-Up Bursary of £1,000-£2,000 because they are in the greatest financial need.
  • Double the number of Home undergraduate students qualified for a Winston Churchill Top-Up Bursary  in 2022 compared with 2021 (from 15 to 29 students).
  • The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust no longer funds this scheme so the College is reliant on philanthropic support from alumni and friends to ensure that this vital additional support can continue.