It is widely recognised that creativity flourishes most readily between existing disciplines, calling for an openness of mind that is best fostered by sharing a common goal with people of contrasting approaches.

Enthusiastic Fellows in Architecture, History of Art, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Plant Sciences, amongst others, are keen to revitalise and encourage the spirit of interdisciplinary thinking and creativity on which the College was founded in 1958. The Bill Brown Creative Workshops, formerly known as the Creative Hub and re-named thanks to a major gift from the Bill Brown Charitable Trust, will host a dynamic programme of events and create a platform geared towards bridging academic disciplines, and forging new collaborations, so that our students can better respond to the challenges of the 21st century.


Students of all disciplines, undergraduates and postgraduates, will have the opportunity to make things together. The Creative Workshops will provide a hub for creativity and innovation, including a multi-purpose project space, to explore, design, test, scale, build and present ideas – technical, social, artistic and more. It is also aimed at engaging the widest possible audience, both local, national and international, developing an active communication and exhibition strategy as well as a reputation for excellence.