An aerial view of the North Court solar array at Churchill College

The College estate is uniquely well positioned to benefit from solar power generation and we have just completed the second stage of a multi-phase project to generate 750,000kWh of solar power on site per year by 2026.

To put this figure in context, this will be equivalent to our average annual power usage in the 2010s. We have 20,000sqm of flat roof space on our main site alone and the majority are suitable for solar power generation. This project is made possible by the work of our skilled in-house teams who are trained in the installation and maintenance of solar panels and their input ensures we deliver high quality, economically viable projects.

The College is moving forward in a greener way and its exciting to be a part of it. This includes training the next generation of apprentices in the new technologies they will eventually lead themselves.

Ken Brunning, Electrician, Churchill College

The team have completed a number of arrays notably to North Court, West Court, 70 Storey’s Way and 72 Storey’s Way but also to a number of smaller roofs on ancillary buildings like garages and stores. In total, the College now generates over 200,000kWh per annum with further major phases of the project in the coming year to key buildings like the Master’s Lodge and the Main Administration Building.

The images below were taken by the Estates and Operations Director, Tom Boden, using his drone.