Claire giving her TEDxWomen talk

Earlier this month, Churchill Final Year PhD student in Physics, Claire Malone, gave a TEDxWomen talk about some of the biggest questions in her field and how she negotiates her research with her physical disability.

Speaking about the event, Claire said “I am passionate about ensuring that the environments in which we study and research STEM subjects [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] are welcoming and inclusive places for people from all backgrounds. Hence in January of 2020 I presented my PhD research at the LGBTQ+ STEMinar at the University of Birmingham:

It was here that I was introduced to Dr. Clara Barker of the University of Oxford, a former TEDx London Women speaker, who apparently found my talk enjoyable and informative enough to recommend me as a TEDx Women speaker.”

Of Claire’s talk, TEDx said “Claire’s passion to understand the world around her led to studying for a PhD in physics at the University of Cambridge. Through her research, she analyses data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, investigating the behaviour of the basic building blocks of our universe. Throughout her career, Claire has developed techniques to help her navigate her physical working environment through the restrictions of her cerebral palsy. She believes this ability to adapt has given her insights that help her find new and creative solutions.”

You can watch Claire’s full TEDxWomen talk here: