We’re excited to announce that we will be holding our first ever Churchill College Giving Day on 9 – 10 March 2022 and we’d love you to join in and help make it a success! This will be an opportunity for our whole community to come together over 36 hours to celebrate the best of Churchill College, as part of our ongoing 60th anniversary celebrations.

How can I get involved and support Chu Gives?

There will be lots of ways to get involved in Chu Gives, and any support you can give will help make our Giving Day a success. You can help by spreading the word on social media, taking part in our social media challenge and, for members and friends with the means to support us with a donation, by making a gift. All gifts, large and small, quickly add up and make a huge difference.

In light of all that’s happened over the past two years, we’ll be raising funds to support critical areas that will benefit our students, including undergraduate bursaries, studentships and a new Summer Opportunities Bursary initiative which aims to address the devastating impact the pandemic has had on summer work experience opportunities. These funds, and all that they achieve, are central to our belief that every student with the ability to study at Churchill deserves an equal chance to do so, and that once here, all students deserve the very best care and the chance to take up the opportunities on offer to them including access to vital career and life defining work experience opportunities. None of these funds would exist without support from our members.

Keep an eye out for our special Giving Day emails to find out how you can get involved, including taking part in our ‘Duck Tales’ social media challenge.