Our first-ever Giving Day, Chu Gives ran for 36 hours in March 2022.  During this time our entire community of alumni, students, Fellows and staff were encouraged to join together, from all over the world, to celebrate the best of the College and support key projects benefiting Churchill students.

Thanks to our community we raised over £240,000 across our priority projects from over 400 donors.

Over £70,000 was donated for student support projects, and nearly £20,000 for the College’s endowment fund.  The matching challenges were all met during the 36 hours.  Visit our Chu Gives website to see the leaderboards for the most popular projects.

The campaign highlighted the importance of the College community and donations were received from alumni, Fellows, staff and current students, with everyone wanting to continue to make Churchill an outstanding and welcoming institution for future students, irrespective of their background.  Thanks to all those who contributed to help to secure funding for future generations of students.