The pandemic may have disrupted our plans to hold the 1988 – 92 Reunion Dinner last July, but we are delighted to have a new date in the diary for this group to celebrate their reunion at College on Saturday 18th September 2021.

In 2020 we also invited our 1988 – 92 reunion group to mark their reunion year by clubbing together to provide financial support for students at the College today. The plan was to raise enough money across all five year groups to create an endowed fund that would fund one full undergraduate bursary for a Churchill student every year for as long as the College exists.

Despite having to put the original campaign on hold, over £25,000 was raised in the first few months, and we are now re-launching the bursary appeal in the hope that we can achieve the £100,000 goal across the five year reunion group. This amount, when endowed in perpetuity, would generate between £3,500 and £4,000 per year, which would fund one undergraduate student for a year with a full means-tested bursary. This creation of an endowed 1988-92 Bursary would leave a lasting legacy at the College by creating an endowed fund that would provide a student with the same educational opportunity enjoyed by previous generations of students.

Why participate?

The best and brightest students should feel able to apply to Churchill and benefit from the exceptional education experience here, without debilitating financial concerns. Together the 1988 – 92 year groups can help make this happen! If everyone contributes even a relatively small amount, we will be able to make a big difference as a group to current students at Churchill.

Every individual donation of any size will help us reach our target. If 150 alumni across the five year groups were to commit to donating £15 per month for three years (or a one-off amount of £500), with gift aid that makes just over £100,000. This amount, when endowed, would generate between £3,500 and £4,000 per year which would fund one student for a year with a full bursary.

Churchill has always been a pioneer with an exceptionally proud tradition of access to higher education. The College regularly gives out more offers to state-educated students than any other Oxbridge College. Our most disadvantaged students continue to thrive here because of the individual support and targeted bursary funding they receive. If you would like to support 1988 – 92 Bursary you can make your donation via the College’s crowdfunding platform, where each year group has its own fundraising project page.

Donate via College crowdfunding site

If you are in the UK, your gift will be increased by 25% if you pay tax at the basic rate, and there are other tax incentives for higher-rate payers. The same is true of those based in the USA where the College can receive gifts tax-efficiently through Cambridge in America, or in Canada where gifts to the College and University are tax-deductible.

Donate via Cambridge in America