Join the Master, Bursar and Acting Senior Tutor in a Zoom webinar as they discuss the challenges that Covid-19 brings to College, and what is being done in the face of them.

None of us could have foreseen a year ago how much our world would change during 2020. The College has had to act quickly to do all it can to protect and support its community, whilst preparing for a new cohort of freshers, during this crisis. We will open our doors to our newest students in October, but their student experience will be a little different. Professor Dame Athene DonaldTamsin James and Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright discuss the ways in which Churchill will change, whilst remaining the open and welcoming place it has always been.

This talk will be broadcast live as a Zoom webinar, so your microphone and camera will be turned off throughout. You may submit questions during the event for the Q&A that follows using the Zoom chat function.