The UN’s sustainable development goal, SDG7, aims to provide universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services for all by 2030. However, around 840 million people lack access to electricity, and many others lack affordable or reliable energy services, mainly in rural areas of developing countries. Renewable energy resources such as solar power have the potential to address this aim without increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Solar photovoltaic microgrids are modular, scaleable, available and increasingly affordable, and as a result, solar electricity has been growing faster, as a fraction of national electricity consumption in the developing world than elsewhere.

Join Professor Jenny Nelson FRS (U80 and Honorary Fellow), Professor of Physics in the Blackett Laboratory and Head of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College London, as she explores how we can ‘learn from nature’ to design better materials for solar energy conversion.

This is an online event using the Zoom webinar format, for which you will be sent joining details on the day of the event. Your camera and microphone will be turned off throughout, but you will be able to submit questions for a Q&A afterwards using the Zoom Q&A function.